2024-05-272024 EUROART x WHYGARDEN Art Flash Mob

"Peach Bush willow Momo" - spring Xi sun warm, on the edge of peach bush willow Momo, pull the princess yarn to meet the soft wind, width fall light Xi, wood clothe green, leaning against the tree to know flowers and grass alcohol, litmus peach blue point green, buildings, eyes Hanshen drunk, with "spring mountain" a, never Ao thousands...

Youyi Fashion x Meng Yiwai "WHYGARDEN" Art pop-up exhibition was opened in the Art Square on the first floor of the Art Exhibition Center, Zhanyi Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen. Mr. Meng Yiyi, Mr. Lu Congzhou and Ms. Jin Tong of the art pop-up exhibition shared the concept of exquisite life of Youyi fashion and the perceptual presentation of the concept of "WHYGARDEN". Through the compatibility of design and product, the exploration of the "peach land" of interior design was opened.