2013-05-28Promotion Season of ALHAMBRA

     Spain, one of the most art-filled European country, bred many great artists like Dali, Picasso and Gaudi. The world famous fabric brand ALHAMBRA gets the nutrition of Spanish art culture and received high praise and adulation from clients and interior designers. The luxury French brand Louis Vuitton keeps its King Status in fashion with the consistent legendary colors and elegant designs. Louis Vuitton has been with us for more than one century, showing us its glamour, no matter how fast the world changed.

    This Summer, the two brands meet and will bring us the attractive event “ Art Taste, Enjoy Luxury “ .


Details for the promotion:

Time: June 1 to August 31

Products: All ALHAMBRA fabrics

Award Louis Vuitton LV-M66560 for clients reach amount 25000 RMB

Award Louis Vuitton LV-M60495 for clients reach amount 55000 RMB

Award Louis Vuitton LV-N51105NEVERFULL for clients reach amount 85000 RMB

Award Louis Vuitton LV-M40629 ALMA for clients reach amount 170000 RMB


    Same as the stunning fashion pieces, the delicate interior design also can show the owner’s taste and status. In this beautiful summer, we are together with art!

    No discount purchase amount during the promo period.  Copyright by Beijing Euroart CO,LTD. All rights reserved