2013-04-19The Opening of Taiyuan KOBE Shop 2

 The second Taiyuan KOBE shop will open in Esay Home-Chuntian Shop on 24th April. This KOBE shop is more than 250 m2, all the design and decoration will be finished by art master Andre Stevens. The shop will show us the original life style fabrics in Europe. Elegant hue, harmony and unity and high quality are always the outstanding feature of KOBE brand. It is a great chance to know the latest fabric fashion and appreciate the beauty of European style fabrics.


On the same day, the promotion activities for KOBE brand will be held. Master Andre Stevens will release the new Color Trends and show the interior Design, also the most popular part, KOBE fabric fashion show. There is no doubt that Master Andre Stevens will bring us a gluttonous feast of fashion and fabrics.