2012-11-17Andrew Martin Design Award 2012 was held successfully in Shanghai

Hosted by Andrew Martin (UK) and Beijing Andrew Martin Cultural Broadcasting CO., LTD, supported by Beijing Euroart, co-hosted by Ling Club and undertook by NPFE Brand, the Andrew Martin international Interior Designer of The Year Award 2012 ceremony was ended successfully in Shanghai on Nov. 16th. All the Nominated Awards, the Best Insight Award and the Design Award were announced.

  Martin Waller, the founder of The Award, Ricky Lu, the founder of Beijing Andrew Martin and Beijing Euroart, Zhao Jihui, the secretary-general of China Display Art Association, Shen Lidong, the Vice-President of Shanghai Interior Design Association, Xiao Jiancheng, the secretary-general of Guangdong Home Textiles Association, Zeng Chuanjie, the director-general of Kaohsiung Designer Association, Yu Junda, the secretary-general of China Interior Decoration Association( Jiang Zhe Hu), Su Yan, the chief editor of Better Homes and Gardens, Jacky Liu, the director of FRAME, Rao Jianghong, the executive editor of SPACE, Gu Shiqi, the chief editor of China Real Estate News, Katheryn Wei, the founder of Ling Club and Alex Zhang, the founder of NPFE Brand, all of them attended the ceremony.

Ajax Law Ling Kit & Virginia Lung, founder of One Plus Partnership, they won the Year Award, which was the first time Chinese got it since its inception for 16 years. And their design works were selected by Andrew Martin Interior Design Review Volume 16, together with the following famous designers: Shi Xudong, Matrix, Feng YU, Li Bo, Tang Zhonghan, Newsdayas, Kris Lin, Steve Leung, Ivan Cheng, Zhang Qingping, Joseph Sy, Thomas Dariel, TF Designs Global and Philip Tang & Brian Ip. The ceremony has set up the Best Insight Award to show the social value of Andrew Martin Award, these awards were for all the proprietors of the selected design works. May all the proprietors are smart and support more designers with a keen eye.

  On that day, the organizer held the Designer Forum for Greater China region as themed “CREATIVE INNOVATION OF DESIGN”. The forum was aimed at discussing and discovering the designers’ unique ways of creating, changing, building and affecting our life. The Award winner Ajax Law Ling Kit & Virginia Lung, founder of One Plus Partnership, Li Bo, the Managing Director and Chief Designer of Climax Design Engineering (Hong Kong), Liang Jianguo, CEO & CCO of Newsdaya, Kris Lin, founder and design director of Kris Lin Interior Design Company, Joseph Sy, founder of Joseph Sy & Associate architect and interior design company and Song Tao were attended the forum and had interesting and heated discussions.

  All the outstanding works selected by the Volume 16 were displayed at the site of activity. These design works have different perspective and focuses, and represented the trends of design.

Introduce of the Award:

Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award, originated in Britain, has been developed for 16 years and been described by TIMES as “the Oscars of interior design industry”. Each year it is judged by a distinguished panel that included the British royal family, international top designers and other fields’ authority, that does make the Award more typical, fair and authoritative. The Award was found for promoting great designers and boosting the international communication in interior design industry.