2011-11-11Make Dreams Come True

10th of November 2011, Euroart and AM nominated designer Dara(Peng Jiang) organized a press conference for the co-operation on the total makeover of Euroart’s showroom in Beijing. During the conference, the general manager of Euroart Ricky Lu presented Euroart as company and as a platform for Chinese designers to enter the international interior design arena by introducing the Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award to China 5 years ago. Euroart and Dara is working together now on interior design projects for Chinese customers.


Also during the conference Dara presented his last 3 design projects and his personal understanding of combining colors and styles. Noble, elegant, romantic and individualism are the 4 keystones of his design inspirations, Dara believes in personal design for individual needs, designers are the helping hands making the customers desire come true.