2011-06-22Making Wonders by Decorating

The great designer of Kobe, Andrew Stevens and his crew were in China to make wonders again, this time to decorate the store in Qingdao!


After over a month’s preparation, the decoration details for the Qingdao Store YAHE was finalized and put into action. Andrew worked for 3 days with the decoration of the store and put every single piece to its place by himself. The decoration is also a part of the Louvre release event, all of the Kobe retailers were in the store to view the show room of YAHE and were very amazed by the decorations and the new fabrics of the Louvre. After seeing the showroom several retailers admired Andrew’s work so much that they’ve ordered Andrew to decorate their stores in the very near future. Back in Beijing, Andrew also redecorated the flagship store and gave it a brand new look.